Sa Clastra de sa Baronia

clastra de sa baronia in banyalbufar mallorca

Sa Clastra de sa Baronia is perhaps the most historic building in the area of Banyalbufar

Note: There is a stairway with iron railing that leads down to the entrance of this place. There is a sign on the railing pointing you.

The word clastra, means patio in Catalan, and baronia means ‘Baroness’.

This patio was built in the 17th century when it belonged to the Baroness of Banyalbufar, Maria de Sales Sureda Verí i Santacília whom was Baroness from 1687 to 1737.

The bridge hanging over the patio was used for the Baroness to welcome her guests. Under it, you can see her coat of arms.

Today, the patio is used for cultural events in Banyalbufar, and the building belonging to it is a hotel offering stunning views over the Balearic sea.


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The coastal area of Banyalbufar is one of the most picturesque in the entire Tramuntana region of Mallorca. The stone terraces built into the mountain slopes has been protected as world heritage and has given Banyalbufar its unique characteristic. Banyalbufar is a great area for discovering the wild and untouched Balearic wildlife, as well as enjoying some of the magnificent views over the sea from the many lookouts around the coastline. There just a few accommodation options in Banyalbufar, all of them offers true Mediterranean charm and authenticity, perfect for relaxing.

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