Plaça son Morey

restaurant celler can ramis at placa son morey in sencelles village mallorca

Behind the parish church of Sencelles, is the small square, Plaça son Morey, named after the house Son Morey, adjacent to the church’s apse.

Son Morey, is believed to be expanded from the original farm that during Moorish rule of Mallorca (902-1231), was the heart of Sencelles and the entire area. Over time, Son Morey belonged to several noble families in the area, but now houses a cozy restaurant on the 1st floor.


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Sencelles, Biniali, Ruperts and Jornets are all parts of this rural municipality located in the heart of the Mallorcan countryside. Sencelles boasts agricultural traditions and culture everywhere you look, making it a tranquil and authentic area that exemplifies the real soul of the island. You can look forward to a bunch of things to do, things to see, experience and visit such as the parish church, the hamlets, the restaurants, the fincas etc.

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