Dinosaurs are back in Mallorca – Do you dare to visit?

Ancient dinosaurs have once again conquored land in Mallorca, this time in Porto Cristo. It is the Cuevas del Hams that is responsible for setting up this new theme park and tourist attraction full of gigantic prehistoric reptiles, which so far has been received with enthusiasm by visitors.

model of a dinosaur at Dinosaurland theme park in Mallorca
Dinosaur at the new Dinosaurland theme park in Porto Cristo. Foto: Cuevas del Hams

Mysterious sounds and spine-chilling roars are coming from behind the pines, evoking an echoing fear amongst visitors in the area. But don’t worry, it is just the newest tourist attraction in Mallorca, Dinosaurland.

It is an entire recreation of a prehistoric world that looks like something from a movie, with more than a hundred dinosaurs in all shapes and sizes moving with realistic motions and sounds, giving a sensation of immersion in movie scenes.

Ideologues of Dinosaurland, Pedro Miralles, Eduardo Iglesias and Alba Sueiro, recalls the idea for the project: “The project was actually born years ago, when we bought figures of dinosaurs from a souvenir shop in Manacor with the intention of doing something with them. However, many of them were in such bad condition that we decided to start a project from scratch with enough quality to design a great experience”. All three have a background in audiovisuals and cinematics.

Each dinosaur is the result of a greater assemble of pieces, each made by an Asian company specialized in animatronic models. The pieces were flown to Mallorca to be assembled and painted to look and feel realistic.

Among alle the incredible dinosaurs, the massive Titanosaurus stands out with its 50 meter long measure. The dinosaur was designed by specialized artist in paleontology, Roc Oliver, and took two entire months to assemble. The skin of Titanosaurus has been sewn by hand. Actually, to give the dinosaurs the most credible touch and finish, the entire collection has been created with the assistance of internationally renown sculptor, Tomás Barceló and his artistic team.

Nothing in the new Dinosaurland theme park has been left to coincidence or randomness, from the logo that looks like the one from Jurrassic Park to the soundtrack composed by Pedro Miralles and Jeremy Loscher.

Two mythical experiences for the price of one ticket

Establishing the Dinosaurland by next to the famous stalactite caves of Cuevas del Hams in Porto Cristo was an obvious choice. The already mythical caves discovered at the beginning of the 20th century and the new theme park complement each other perfectly.

So, with a single ticket of €22 you can visit both attractions.

You follow a route that leads you through the theme park, allowing you to meet all the dinosaurs. There is an info-board by each dinosaur explaining where it lived, what it ate and all technical data about it.

There is also an area for children with various activities, such as a sandbox where they have to pretend to be archaeologists and search for skeletons of dinosaurs.

You will (of course) also find a souvenir shop in the park selling dinosaur related merchandise. Finally, there is a cafeteria where you can enjoy a refreshment such as the Dinoburger.

All together, this is a different, fun and educational experience for all ages, something that will fascinate.


Entrance: €22

Address: Ctra. Ma-4020 Manacor – Porto Cristo Km.11

Phone: +34 971 820 988


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