Rectory of Montuïri

rectory building across from the parish church in montuiri mallorca

The construction is in Gothic architectural style, probably built at the same time as the parish church of Sant Bartomeu situated on Plaça Major.

On the right-hand side of the main entrance, on the ground floor, you see a coat of arms from the Manera family of Montuïri, dated 24th of May 1693. To the left of this coat of arms, is a mosaic of colored tiles, displaying the twelfth station of via crucis.

On the right side of the rectory, on the facade facing Plaça Major, you can see beautiful ogee arch with a solar watch in it.

The interior consists of a typical medieval decorated room division, where a vault separates two corridors. In the first corridor to the left, shows a arched opening first discovered by a recent renovation of the house. To the right is a baroque canvas of Joseph’s workshop in Nazareth. In the second corridor under the stairs seen an octagonal well with the image of a coat of arms depicting a bull and with the year 1630 engraved. Further to the right there is a baroque sink dated in 1754.

A doorway with lintel leads into the library, containing numerous important publications and works that testify to the long-standing cultural history of Montuïri. The house holds also a fine collection of paintings and liturgical objects retrieved from the parish church.


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No other municipality in Mallorca reflects more historical eras of the island than Montuïri, it is like an open air museum of cultural heritage. The municipality is located in the most mountainous area of the Pla region, the southern part, allowing you to enjoy both rural countryside charm and discover breathtaking panoramic views from the summit of the hills.

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