Well-preserved watchtower Torre des Verger in Banyalbufar

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This medieval defense and watchtower has become iconic to the area of Banyalbufar and Estellencs, and is one of the most well-preserved of its kind in Mallorca

Torre del Verger was built in 1579, as a part of the extensive guardian network of towers around the island.

At this time, Mallorca saw an increased amount of pirate attacks from north Africa and the Ottoman empire. The pirates would cruise in the waters around Mallorca, making camps on the small islands off the coastline, making them a constant threat.

The tower wasn’t guarded y professional soldiers, it was average land workers taking shifts. Torre del Verger did not have a battery, as it was solely meant as a watch tower. When the guards saw a ship in the sea, the lit a fire and raised a flag. This way, all towers communicated with one another, until the signal reach the major urban areas who could mobilize an army ready for battle.

In the 1830’s France conquered north Africa, causing the pirate attacks to dramatically stagnate and eventually disappear. The tower was now solely used for random checks of smugglers and other criminals.

It is possible to access the tower via a narrow iron stairway inside of it, and the sight that awaits you on the platform are indescribable! There is a small parking lot close by, which makes the tower a must-see place of interest when driving along the coastline between Banyalbufar and Estellencs.

How to get to the Torre del Verger in Banyalbufar


The coastal area of Banyalbufar is one of the most picturesque in the entire Tramuntana region of Mallorca. The stone terraces built into the mountain slopes has been protected as world heritage and has given Banyalbufar its unique characteristic. Banyalbufar is a great area for discovering the wild and untouched Balearic wildlife, as well as enjoying some of the magnificent views over the sea from the many lookouts around the coastline. There just a few accommodation options in Banyalbufar, all of them offers true Mediterranean charm and authenticity, perfect for relaxing.

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